Women from 24 to 49 years old are the biggest target demographic for personal trainers, and yet, they are often the most neglected demographic. And if they aren’t neglected, then they are often put into training programs/classes that are contraindicated for their goals, which are to look good and feel good. If you want your female clients to look good and feel good over the long haul, they MUST be strength training, and they must be doing it correctly. They also must be eating the right foods at the right times to help them meet their goals as quickly as possible without feeling deprived. Finally, your female clients must be managing their stress and taking care of themselves outside of the gym, so they can recover properly, and train hard when they are in the gym. Our Train Like A Girl Seminar will teach you how to help your clients do exactly that!


  • Mike Robertson: Where women get their mobility and stability vs. where they should get their mobility and stability to look and perform their best
  • Kiefer: Nutrition tactics for optimal fat loss in females
  • Julia Ladewski: Training female athletes and teams of female athletes
  • Molly Galbraith: Common pitfalls/mistakes women make with their nutrition and lifestyle
  • Jim Laird: How to get “average” women to fall in love with strength training